Welcome to She Plans, where planning becomes personal!

Meet Andrea, the passionate owner of She Plans. When she's not busy running She Plans, she embraces her role as a homeschooling mom and creates exciting adventures with her family. Originally from Colorado, she now calls Ohio her home. Little did she know, She Plans would become an unexpected adventure that allowed her to rediscover herself, offering growth opportunities and fulfilling challenges. Additionally, Andrea is not just the owner of She Plans, but also a one-woman show behind the scenes. She handles all aspects of the business, from dreaming up the products to managing customer inquiries and everything in between. Her dedication and passion shine through in every aspect of She Plans, making it a truly personal and authentic experience for each and every customer. In her free time, she indulges in reading, enjoys adding personal touches to her planner, and has a deep affection for the beach.

At She Plans, we firmly believe that planning should be tailored to your unique life. We recognize that each of us leads different lives and has distinct to-do lists. That's why all our planners are thoughtfully designed with you in mind. We prioritize personalization, ensuring that our planners align perfectly with your needs, preferences, and aspirations. It's your life, your plan.

Join us at She Plans and experience the difference in planning made personal. We want to empower you to live your best, most organized life. Let us be your guide as you navigate the journey of simplifying your week and making each day count. Together, let’s create a life that is both simple and meaningful. Keep your weeks simple and your days meaningful.